Is it time to upgrade your legacy systems?

The answer isn't a clear-cut "yes."

It's not "no," either.

It's "maybe," with an addendum: Whatever you decide, make sure you've carefully considered all of your options. There are more than you may think.

That sounds obvious. But, as I wrote about in a prior post, there's fierce debate and often a surprising amount of emotional involvement amongst the IT professionals you depend upon to advise you. Understanding your options and their relative value to your business can get very tricky.

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Some clients get a better value from their technology vendors. That's not because contractors try harder, stay up later, take less money, or prioritize one client over another. It's because some clients make it easier for the vendor to succeed within their organizations. Others can make it hard to get anything done at all.

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I've been involved in many planning meetings. In today's environment of technological expansion, institutions of all sizes must face the planning process with technology in mind – almost regardless of the initiative.  But too many times, I've seen the process stumble, often from easily avoidable mistakes.  To kick off planning for 2013, here are the top 5 easily avoidable planning mistakes I've witnessed the most often.

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