Practical, everyday basics that we live by

Axiaware has enjoyed continued growth, long term relationships with great companies and the satisfaction of doing things the right way for over 15 years. Here's how we do it:

Core Values – These values have been a cornerstone of our success for over 15 years.

Practice A+ ness as a way of life

Regard everything you touch as a personal statement bearing your signature. Take pride in the quality of what you produce, for excellence matters as a deeply personal value in and of itself, beyond the business results of excellence.

Do what's best for the client

In all situations, act in the best interests of your client. Our reputation is one of our greatest assets.

Put yourself in their shoes

Everyone has their own reasons for what they say, think, and do. Learn to mentally put yourself in their situation to better understand them.

Be intentional

Always make active, conscious decisions. Don't just let things happen.

Creating Accountability – These practices allow us to reach amazing levels of performance.

Do what you say

Hold yourself accountable. Do what you say you're going to do when you say you're going to do it. If a commitment cannot be fulfilled, notify others early and agree upon a new commitment to be honored.

Practice constructive conflict

If you have a viewpoint about an issue at hand, be willing to talk about it. Talk about it even if it conflicts with others. Do it constructively and compassionately. Your voice needs to be heard.

Be co-accountable

Everyone in our company is accountable, for holding everyone else in our company accountable. When any one of us falls short of meeting our commitments, it affects the entire team. Don't ignore problems. Give direct feedback or assistance when appropriate. Elevate the issue when necessary.

Set and ask for expectations

We judge situations not by what happens, but by how they compare to what we expect to happen. Co-create mutually understood and agreed expectations so all parties are crystal clear about the desired outcome.

Pick up the ball

All of us are responsible for our company's success. Take charge and do what is necessary. Find a way to contribute. "That's not my job" is not spoken here.

Be punctual

Be on time for all appointments, phone calls, meetings, and promises. How you relate to time sends a message about how you relate to other commitments. Punctuality is a reflection of respect for others.

Taking Control – These habits keep us pointed in the right direction.

Be a victor, not a victim

Circumstances beyond our control can stand in the way of success .... if we let them. Don't make excuses—don't play the part of the victim. Take full responsibility for your success. Be a victor.

Focus on solutions

Focusing on problems drains energy. Apply your creativity, spirit, and enthusiasm toward what we can do, not what holds us back.

Watch the road ahead

Learn to anticipate what lies ahead. Ask yourself, "What will our world look like next month, six months, one year, two years from now? What do we need to do today to prepare for that future?"

Always be learning, always be teaching

Always strive to be learning something new. When you're not learning, help others by teaching them what you know.

Working Together – These practices enable us to work powerfully as a team and with our clients.

Be open

Learn to keep yourself open to people, ideas, and situations that are new or uncomfortable. Explore the new circumstances. Ask yourself, "Could this be better than what I have now?"

Be curious

Learn to gather the facts before making judgments. Ask yourself, "What information is missing, that if I knew this, the best course of action would become self-evident?" Go 3 questions deep.

Listen actively

Listen attentively to others. Check for understanding by replicating their viewpoint in your own words. "What I'm hearing is" and "Sounds like you are saying" are great ways to reflect back.

Ask for help

We can hold ourselves back if we try to do everything on our own. Allow yourself the freedom to not have all of the answers. When you encounter a difficult situation, ask for help. No one has all of the answers all of the time.