Problems We Solve

IT and Line of Business Are Not on the Same Page

If these quotes sound familiar, Axiaware may be a good fit for you:
"Each Organization is Frustrated With the Other"; "There is Tension and Lack of Trust"; "We're Not Meeting Business Objectives"; "We Keep Wasting Money"
Clients often experience tension between business decision makers and the IT department. While both groups work hard and are dedicated to achieving goals, neither seems to fully understand the other. Each organization is frustrated with the other, causing tension and a lack of trust. The result of this dynamic is very often a waste of money and effort. Because of the lack of communication, the organization ends up saddled with products it neither wants or needs – or worse, must go to market with products customers don't like or cannot use.

Axiaware bridges the gap between a business goal and a software solution.
"I have worked in the IT industry for over 23 years and I've known the Axiawaresm leadership for nine of those years. They have impressed me throughout that time with their keen understanding of technology, business process, and how to connect the two."
—Application Architect
Large government sponsored mortgage funding company
We build lasting relationships with our clients, based upon knowledge of their businesses and a dedicated, real-world approach to achieving a return on investment – not just on coding to requirement or finding the cheapest resources. Our team-oriented, long-term approach enables our professionals to understand the issues from every perspective – and to guide the development process towards a successful rollout.

Axiaware is a trusted partner to institutions across the financial services industry. We foster a culture of honesty, intelligence, hard work and the boldness it sometimes requires in order to be truly helpful.