Problems We Solve

We Fall Behind Competitors While Upgrading and Testing Multiple Complex Systems

If these quotes sound familiar, Axiaware may be a good fit for you:
"We Miss New Business Opportunities"; "We Get to Market Too Late"; "We Are Not Responsive To New Requirements"
Many of our clients rely on multiple, complex systems to conduct business. However, as business trends, customer behavior, evolving technologies and the pressure to compete create new risks and opportunities, these systems often require a great deal of time and effort to change. Even when a plan is agreed upon and developers are devoted to the project, it can take months to execute and test. In today's quickly shifting business environment that can mean the loss of an opportunity, or even a loss of customers.

Axiaware specializes in iterative development, which is proven to produce new products faster, and with less risk of failure than traditional approaches. Our professionals become part of your development team. We help to guide the requirements planning process and actively participate in the creative process that must take place for successful, timely implementation. Throughout every stage of development our professional staff remain fully engaged, providing problem-solving capability, accountability and the flexibility to address challenges as they arise.

This approach produces new software, which is fully tested and working, much more quickly than traditional methods, and is well-suited to adapting even the most complex of systems.
"It was an easy and painless process. Axiaware led us through challenges very well. From the very beginning to post-implementation, it was more successful than we envisioned and continues to be that way."
-Vice President, Fortune 50 Financial Institution
Financial institutions rely on Axiaware to help plan complex development projects, even when multiple stakeholders, vendors and other key players are involved.

Our culture of long-term invested partnership, as well as our proven track record of success has made us a trusted advisor to some of the world's leading financial institutions.