start 2016 with the best of 2015
By Brad Powell

As we launch into 2016, I wanted to share the five most popular Axiaware blog posts from 2015.

The posts touched on a variety of subjects that I believe are critical for credit unions and banks today.

If you found any or all of them interesting, I encourage you to share them with colleagues and your social media networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook,  whatever. 

Here's the Axiaware Top 5, with a short description for each one:

5. Three Smart Tips for Credit Unions Looking to Attract Millennial Members

How can credit unions add millennial members? Start by keeping your old name, making it easy and managing your online presence.

4. Mobile Auto Lending: Credit Unions' Next Big Opportunity?

Mobile banking is growing rapidly. So are automotive loan applications. What happens when you put these two trends together?

3. The Chatter About Alternative Lending Can Be Overwhelming. Are You Up to Speed?

This post covers what you need to know about alternative lending today. It may account for a small segment of the currrent U.S. lending market, but you can't ignore its growth.

2. Five Things Banks and Credit Unions Must Do When Adopting Electronic Signatures

Moving to electronic signatures can please customers and help your bottom line ─ but only if you do it the right way.

1. Here’s Why the Line of Business and IT Don’t Always See Eye to Eye at Credit Unions

These two sides need to work together, but it's not always easy. Understand why.


Compliance and Your Credit Union

Does your credit union:

• Face an daunting burden of regulatory requests?
• Struggle to manage the multiple experts inside and outside your organization who must respond to exam requests?
• Use email for regulatory communication -- possibly opening yourself to legal discovery?
• Receive the same request more than once but provide a different answer each time?

If these challenges sound familiar, Axiaware's new credit union compliance software product, Redboard, could help.

Learn More About Redboard